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Produkte Kapseln


alphacaps produces all capsule formats. Of course, we can also realise bespoke shapes and sizes, including printing, to suit your requirements. (Almost) everything is possible.

Gelatine capsules
As standard, alphacaps fills capsules in sizes 0, 00 and 000. Other shapes and sizes are available on request. Most products are filled in transparent or white capsules. Depending on the intended use, however, (almost) all other colour combinations are also possible.

Cellulose capsules
If no ingredients of animal origin are to be used, you can revert to capsule casings made of cellulose in sizes 0 and 00.

Softgel capsules
Liquid ingredients such as omega-3 fatty acids are filled in softgel capsules in various shapes and sizes.

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Headline Tablets
Produkte Tabletten


alphacaps produces your tablets in a variety of shapes: round, oblong, bi-planar, convex, with break line, with coating.

Bespoke shapes can be realised on request.

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Headline powder
Produkte Pulver


Five state-of-the-art mixers, handling volumes of between 500 and 4000 litres, are used to make your products.

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Headline Liquid
Produkte Liquids


alphacaps bottles your liquids using state-of-the-art machines handling volumes of between 25 ml and 200 ml.

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Headline Sachets
Produkte Sachets


alphacaps also fills the powders into sachets.

50 mm / 100 mm / 115 mm width. Variable length.

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Headline Sticks
Produkte Sticks


alphacaps also fills the powders into sticks.

From 23 to 50 mm width. Variable length.

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Headline Blister
Produkte Blister

Blister Packs

The following standard formats are available: 74 mm x 118 mm, 70 x 120 mm, 56 mm x 96 mm with varying numbers of cavities for oblong/oval/round tablets and capsules in various shapes and sizes.

Furthermore, we can offer you a large number of bespoke shapes and sizes.

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Headline Dosen
Produkte Dosen

Bottles / Containers

From round cardboard, tinplate through to plastics (PE/PP/PET) in all sizes, colours and shapes with all possible types of lid – pressure cap or screw-on – with or without tamper-evident closure.

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Headline Coating
Produkte Coating


Your tablets can be provided with a coating in almost any colour if required for visual, haptic or technical reasons.

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